The idea is crucial. 
 Move away from the existing, thinking the “unthinkable”, questioning everything, to get to a new perspective. 
 Learn from one branche to another. Allways with great respect for the expertise and experience of our customers experts. 
 That‘s how we find new ideas and concepts for innovative products and service

The form always plays a key role. Whether this is to three-dimensional objects or to an interface layout. The „language” of the form supports handling and determines the aesthetics of a product. Form is the basis for all further design – surfaces and colors to product-graphics and product-labeling.

Can the human interaction with the object, the space or the system be designed? Yes – the interface between man and object, space or the system plays a crucial role for success. 
 Here, good design is different from the average.

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Visualization is an important part in the design and development process. Whether it’s about ideas, solutions to the external appearance or the mechanical functions – without a good visualization of communication is difficult and imprecise. Visualization can take place in virtual reality or as a model or prototype. It can be moving or static, or a combination of all technologies. For us, it‘s a natural service. Watch the movie on YouTube: Visualization

All types of models, prototypes and exhibits can be produced in our own workshop. Conventional and digital manufacturing processes are used. Sensory, electronic and media equipments are just as much a part of the range of services as the production of artistic and handicraft items. Watch the movie on YouTube: Modelling