The collection of objects, vehicles, wheels and axles is presented in a historic building in form of a “Road of axles”. 5500 years history of the wheel – a cultural history in over 900 square meters.

Where the cocoa comes from. How the cocoa came to Europe. Finally, as for anyone chocolate became affordable and how it is produced – that’s the story that is presented on three floors of the museum. An exhibition for old and young: interactive, instructive and full of surprising experiences.

Two examples:

„Comprehensive Fluid Management“

Staging objects for the global press conference.

How to present components weighing several tons for the shipbuilding industry on a fair? This is expensive and time-consuming. Much better are lightweight and intuitive exhibition models. These convey the expertise, innovation and quality of Vulkan often better than the original.

Here we have created – using only a few exhibits – an exhibition to a very specific topic. A special exhibition that gives visitors an interesting insight into the business of money. As it used to be – and still is today.

On more than 600 square meters you can learn all about the Nougat – from hazelnut to health. The exhibition is aimed at both children and adults. On a variety of interactive stations they can obtain detailed information or learn through play.

We manufacture exhibits for fairs, museum exhibitions, showrooms and any kind of presentation.
• as a classical, static exhibit
• interactive, sonsoric, with integration of multimedia applications
• in almost any scale and any desired kind