Project example

Design process for the housing design of a medical laser device for minimally invasive laser therapy.

Ideas phase

Ergonomics and design studies on the housing concept for a mobile desktop device that can also be held in the hand. This involves the basic concept of the device, the arrangement of the main assemblies and the possible housing shapes.

Design Mock-Ups 

In order to be able to assess the housing concept, simple handling models are manufactured in original size from model foam very early in the design process.


At the same time, the technical concept is further developed and the remaining alternatives are evaluated in order to finally focus the design process on a housing design.


In the 3D design department, the housing is worked out and optimized for hydro-forming production. To evaluate the design, a prototype of the housing is printed and hand finished.

The product

With product graphics, interface concept, hardware and software, the finished product is created in this development process.


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