We are a successful service provider for exhibition design, exhibition construction, scenography, exhibit construction and visualization. With us you can transform your idea into an exhibit or a complete exhibition. Good and solid design that invites visitors to intuitive interaction and comprehensive service at fair prices – that is our passion.

Permanent exhibitions and company museums

Over the past 20 years we have developed, designed, produced and installed a wide variety of permanent exhibitions on a turnkey basis. All exhibitions have met with a lasting positive response from employees and visitors. Continuous service and support are a matter of course for us.
More info:https://a1-expo.myportfolio.com

Special and travelling exhibitions

The budget for temporary exhibitions is often very limited. Together with our clients we develop creative and innovative stagings in line with the financial framework. It is always a question of good ideas.
More info:https://small-expo.myportfolio.com

Eye-catching exhibits

For exhibitions, special events or trade fairs we develop and realise attractive exhibits in all shapes and designs.

Interactive exhibits

Design, storyboarding and programming of interactive media are an essential part of our Expo service. We combine and integrate media into many other forms of visualization. Our products are used in museums and in industrial development.
More info: https://a1-modelling.myportfolio.com

Educational media in museums and exhibitions

Here we can rely on the WEZIT Transmedia concept of our partner Mazedia.

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